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Happy students use thedissertationist



Solved challenges per student on average


Papers finished to date

Dissertation Writing Service That Increases Your Chances of Success:

We make different types of academic dissertations with zero plagiarism for every college and university with affordable prices and discount deals for students to get outstanding grades.

At the heart of our service lies the profound understanding that each academic endeavour is unique, an ethereal reflection of the individual who undertakes it. With this in mind, our sorcerers will work closely with you, breathing life into your vision and infusing your dissertation with your distinctive voice.

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Reasons to Pick “the dissertationist”:

Our goal is to boost your academic performance and differentiate your paper from other submissions.

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No Plagiarism

The research paper you get will be with zero plagiarism, our writers ensure that your work will be 100% original so you will get a non-copied assignment.

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Safe Payment Method

You may make a payment for your "write my paper" request. Several payment gateways that guarantee secure transactions will protect your payment information.

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Qualified & Professional Writers

You must work with us to hire a qualified & professional paper writer with years of expertise to create a paper for you.

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24/7 Customer Service

Contact our customer support staff at any moment if you want more information on how we can assist with writing papers, providing paper writing service, and they will be able to guide you properly!

You Can Be Sure That Your Identity Is Safe:

Our mission is to provide top-notch paper writing services of the highest standard while fostering a feeling of comfort with each purchase and paper writer. Therefore, we have created a secure, dependable, and safe platform for all of your "write my paper" requests.

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Provide detailed writing instructions and attributes of your order (type of paper, deadline, level, etc.)

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Choose the preferred payment method and pay via the secure platform. Protected with PCI DSS.

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Connect with the Writer

Get in touch with the assigned writer to clarify writing requests, share data and track the progress.

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Get your Paper!

Approve the completed paper and download it from the Control Panel or email.

When it comes to writing their dissertations, nearly everyone studies really hard.

Sociology Dissertation

A Sociology Dissertation is a specialized dissertation writing service that assists students in the field of sociology with their dissertation projects. This provide expert guidance and support throughout the dissertation writing process, from topic selection to final submission.

Law Dissertation

A Law Dissertation refers to a dissertation writing project undertaken by law students at an advanced level, typically during their final year of study. It is an in-depth research and analysis-based document that explores a specific legal topic or issue.

Marketing Dissertation

A Marketing Dissertation is a scholarly research project conducted by students pursuing a degree in marketing or a related field. It involves the exploration and analysis of various marketing concepts, theories, strategies, and practices.

Economics Dissertation

An Economics Dissertation is an extensive research project undertaken by students pursuing a degree in economics. It involves the exploration and analysis of economic theories, principles, models, and real-world economic phenomena.

Linguistics Dissertation

A Linguistics Dissertation is an academic research project conducted by students pursuing a degree in linguistics or a related field. It involves the in-depth study of language, its structure, usage, and social implications.

Psychology Dissertation

A Psychology Dissertation is a comprehensive research project undertaken by students pursuing a degree in psychology or a related field. It involves the exploration and analysis of psychological theories, principles, and phenomena.

Why Hire A Professional To Write My Dissertation?

An excellent paper to write might be intimidating. You need patience, ability, and perseverance for it. Check out the benefits of requesting a professional to "write my paper."

Appropriate Research

You Understand As A Student That Research Is The Most Crucial Element Of Any Work. Make Sure Your Sources Are Trustworthy And Reputable. Using Our Paper Writing Service May Be Just What You Need If You're Having Trouble Completing This Work On Your Own.

Excellent Writing

A Well-Written Paper Will Be Produced By A Skilled Author. You May Be Confident That Your Assignment Will Be Prepared In The Most Effective Way Possible Because They Are Specialists At What They Do.

Immediate delivery

The First Thing You'll Notice Is That An Expert Paper Writer Can Produce A Paper For You Considerably More Quickly Than You Can. They Are Aware Of The Information That Must Be Provided For It To Pass The Professor's Inspection And Receive A Good Grade.

Correct formatting

A Qualified Paper Writer Will Structure Your Paper Correctly And Make Sure That All The Material Is Clear.

We'll Provide You with a Professional Paper Writer for Every Task

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the dissertationist Achieved Every Essential Qualities That Should Have In The Best Paper Writing Service:

What qualities must an online paper writing service possess to be ranked highly and have a positive academic reputation? Three things, we are certain of. The expertise of the writers comes first, ensuring an excellent standard of papers. The next step is dependability, which assures fast delivery, client confidentiality, and overall customer peace of mind. Finally, the variety of services offered to consumers is a wide range of options and is simple to use.

thedissertationist is one of the top paper writing services on the Internet because it has managed to strike a nearly perfect balance of these factors throughout its years in business. This allows you to ask, "Write my paper," with confidence in the outcome.

Below, you will find a detailed description of thedissertationist features and services you can use:

Competent and Proficient Paper Writers Service

You can be sure that when you purchase a custom paper from us, it will be completed by a professional who is a true master of the subject. Why? Because some just don't pass the selection criteria we've set up (we'll go into more detail about it later). Consequently, we have developed a flexible system that enables you to choose the preferred level of competence for your purchase. Three writer categories and three academic levels are included.

Academic levels our paper writing service offers

  • Undergraduate – most suitable for high-school and 2-year educational programs in colleges.
  • Bachelor – ideal for students who pursue any Bachelor’s degree, especially juniors and seniors.
  • Professional – this level is meant for those who need a Master’s or Ph.D.-level work.

Categories of a Paper Writer for You

  • Basic – are assigned to orders for free by default—best for Undergraduate and Bachelor levels.
  • Advanced – are assigned upon your request at an extra cost. Advanced writers specialize in a limited number of subjects, completed several hundred orders, and have a high rating within the company.
  • TOP writers – these are narrow-field experts assigned upon your request. They have thousands of completed orders and the highest rating within the organization. Respectively, their services are the most expensive.

For the optimal price-quality ratio, mix any academic level and writing genre.

Furthermore, compared to the bidding procedure used by many businesses in the sector, such an approach provides several significant advantages. First of all, you save time since our managers start hunting for a subject matter expert as soon as your purchase is placed. Then, you won't have to worry about selecting a writer for your order randomly from a list of bids since we will handle it for you. We match the best expert among our team based on academic level and writer category to complete your work and satisfy all of its requirements. thedissertationist essentially takes full responsibility for and manages the whole writing process - from easy ordering procedure to quick and timely delivery.

How Our Paper Writer Service Hires Experts

Beginning with a CV analysis and selection of individuals with the necessary academic credentials Naturally, native English speakers with bachelor's, master's, and doctoral degrees are given precedence. However, at this stage, we don't always weed out experienced ESL college/university paper writers. The explanation for this is that candidates must pass several difficult examinations and writing assignments once our team validates their credentials and certificates. Thanks to this, we can assess writing abilities, the degree of English language competence, general knowledge, and of course expertise. "Survivors" are placed on probation. The authors are only hired as employees and allowed to begin working on orders after receiving the permission of a supervisor and the Quality Assurance division.

Order "Write My Paper" and Receive 100% Original Work, Guaranteed.

The curse of modern education is plagiarism. For students, the idea of being accused of it is a serious fear. Fortunately, if you acquire papers from our paper writing service, you won't ever have to be concerned about plagiarism. How's that? Because there is just no chance that the text we offer you will include even a little amount of borrowed material.

To begin with, papers are created by the detailed directions you supply when placing an order. The order is only allocated to a paper writer online with the necessary expertise and sufficient academic background after our management has clarified all the criteria. The next stage is to conduct research on the subject and write the paper from scratch. When the work is finished, it is thoroughly checked for plagiarism.

Accessible Communication with the Hired Paper Writers

After paying for your order, an expert will be assigned to it, and you may get in touch with the dissertationist immediately. How come you might need to do that? For instance, you could have forgotten to include anything in your order when you placed it. When working on a significant assignment, such as a term paper or a thesis, you should also make sure that you and the writer are on the same page. Or maybe you just want to monitor the order's progress for your peace of mind.

You must log in to the Control Panel, go to the "Active" chat tab on the left, choose "Writer" from the radio option above the chat window, and then write your message to reach the designated expert. Please remember that authors are also people, thus they cannot be available all the time. Naturally, they will respond to your questions as quickly as they can, but depending on the time of day, it might take anywhere from a few minutes to several hours. If the problem is serious, think about contacting our 24-hour support service.

The Best Place to Find Cheap Paper Writing Services

One of the most remarkable features of thedissertationist is that all the helpful paper writing help and impressive advantages come at really affordable prices. This is achieved thanks to a flexible pricing system implemented on our website. Price reduction measures we take to provide cheap essay writing services include:

  • Welcome discounts: for first-time buyers of up to 15%
  • Discounts for large orders: if the cost of your order exceeds $500 or $1000, you are entitled to a 5% or 10% discount;
  • Loyalty Program: for every dollar you pay, you get up to 20% back in credits that you can accumulate and then use to pay for new orders.

At the same time, the main method to pay less for your writing order is ordering as early as you can. The thing is, urgency brings the order price up significantly. So do yourself a favor and plan your order. And be sure to consider whether you need any of the quite useful Extra services we offer along the way. For example, a plagiarism report, VIP customer support, text messages, editor’s check, sources used, etc. Extras come at an additional price, much of it depending on the order urgency and size. The good news is that often we give them out for free via our special and seasonal offers. So don’t forget to check your email inbox to get the best deal!

What Should I Do To Set A Deadline On My "Write My Paper" Request?

It's advisable to choose a deadline as far in advance as you can when requesting to "write my paper " We established a double deadline method to guarantee that your "write my paper" requests are finished within a specific timeframe

The unique double deadline arrangement provides students extra time to review their essays and, if necessary, ask for amendments. The deadline is established in advance and is earlier than the actual due date, giving you plenty of time to make any required modifications before receiving your paper.

You may set your request to the "write my paper" deadline for the 15th if your university's deadline is the 18th, for instance. The research paper writer will be aware of both deadlines and be aware that he has just a few days to complete modifications after submitting the first draught on the 15th. This ensures that your paper will be prepared for submission before the due date.

So Much More than Just a Paper Writing Service

Another thing you must know about thedissertationist is that our service provides many other services apart from crafting the most widespread college and university papers like essays, reviews, or research papers. On our website, you can get practical paper writing help with virtually any written assignment. In addition to custom writing, our experts also can:

  • Solve problems and equations for STEM subjects;
  • Provide accurate Q&A and multiple-choice question services;
  • Complete various homework assignments;
  • Develop complicated special tasks, like presentations, speeches, capstone projects, etc.
  • Improve your paper by proofreading, formatting, and editing the text.

The bottom line here is that whatever written task you need to get done, you can have it done by thedissertationist within days or even hours at an affordable price.

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The Dissertationist Reviews

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Charlotte, WA
In my quest for academic excellence since college, I have finally discovered the holy grail of legitimate essay writing services: The Dissertationist. This reliable company boasts incredibly talented writers that leave me in awe.
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Daniel, CA
Initially sceptical about the dissertationist's reputation and safety, my reservations were dispelled when faced with a tight deadline. Taking a leap of faith proved fortunate, as their impeccable paper saved the day.
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Sophia, PA
Unbelievable! Achieving the highest score for the first time has left me in awe. I wholeheartedly endorse the scam-free service of Evolution Writers, urging all fellow students to experience its excellence.
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Emily, CO
Discovering your website just a week ago, I hesitated about placing my trust in The Dissertationist. However, all doubts were extinguished as my grade reflected their exceptional work. A heartfelt thank you to your team for a job well done!


Is there a free trial available?

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No, we do not offer free trials for our services. Unlike subscription-based platforms, The Dissertationist operates on a pay-as-you-go basis, eliminating the need for a free trial.

What are some strategies for finding the most affordable essay writing service?

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To obtain the most cost-effective papers, we recommend placing your order well in advance. The sooner you submit your request, the lower the final price will be. Additionally, you can benefit from several savings options available through our service. These include discounts for first-time and bulk purchasers, as well as advantages provided by our Loyalty Program.

Is it possible to make partial or post-payment for your college paper writing services?

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Currently, we do not offer the option to pay in instalments. Furthermore, The Dissertationist operates on a pre-paid basis, which means that payment needs to be processed before we can assign an expert to fulfil your order.

Is it legal to use essay writing services?

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From a legal standpoint, custom writing services are generally not prohibited by legal regulations in most US states and other English-speaking regions, except for Australia. It is important to note that our services prioritize complete confidentiality, ensuring that there is no way for anyone to discover that you have utilized them.

What is the turnaround time for writing my dissertation?

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Depending on the type of dissertation, we offer minimum deadlines as short as 3 hours. Additional urgent order options include 6, 12, and 24 hours. However, please note that shorter deadlines will result in a higher final price.

Is it possible to modify the order requirements?

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Modifications to the order requirements are limited to the initial instructions provided during the order placement. If you have any concerns or inquiries regarding changes to the requirements, please reach out to our customer managers or support agents to determine if you are eligible for any modifications.

What options are available if I am dissatisfied with the dissertation I receive?

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In the event that you are not satisfied with the dissertation, you have the option to request a revision, allowing for changes to be made based on your requirements. If revision attempts are unsuccessful, you can proceed to request a refund. Our money-back policy provides various refund percentages, ranging from 50% to 70%, or even 100%, depending on the specific circumstances.

Can you take care of my online assignment on my behalf?

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We prioritize assisting students while upholding the fundamental principles of academic integrity. Consequently, we are unable to complete any online assignments on your behalf. However, if you provide us with the assignments, we can demonstrate how they could be effectively accomplished within a tight timeframe.

Can you assure me of a high grade if I purchase a dissertation from your service?

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While our service provides several robust guarantees under any circumstances, we do not offer a guarantee specifically for grades. It is important to note that grading is determined solely by your teacher or grading committee, and we have no influence over this process. In other words, we cannot guarantee a specific final grade, but we can assure you that our team will strive to meet and exceed your highest expectations.